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Just to let people know that Matthew Norton of Age UK   has written a really great blog, based on the findings from the COBALT project. It focuses on the use of technology among older people. It’s all about the political, social, psychological, etc. problems, and sometimes solutions to the take up of new technologies, particularly Assistive Living Technologies (ALTs). Provides great insight and some good further reading ideas as well. It’s a really good vault of info and highly recommended as a tool for keeping up to date with COBALT’s findings.

Age UK Event April 2012

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Summary of Review of Products tested at COBALT exercise at AgeUk Event 26th April

The COBALT group exercise at the Age UK Engage event on 26th April involved the delegates, working in pairs to select, investigate and review technology provided on their table.  Both mainstream and assistive technology was on offer.  Representatives from industry were not offered devices from their own organisation.  14 anonymous reviews were completed and this note gives a summary.  The review form asked open questions and the numbers are not large enough for statistical analysis but it seemed possible to detect some common which were counted.

The products selected were EasyPhone (2), Door Entry System, Nikon Coolpix (2), Body Fat Monitor, Electro Circulation Massager, Heart/ Exercise monitor polar electro, Blood Pressure Monitor (3), Jumbo Alarm, Up Easy Power Seat, Bed and Chair occupancy alarm.