COBALT (Challenging Obstacles and Barriers to Assistive Living Technologies) is a two-year project funded by the Technology Strategy Board to examine the obstacles to adoption of Assistive Living Technologies.

This is part of a wider initiative by the Technology Strategy Board called the Assisted Living Innovation Platform (ALIP), which is seeking to improve people’s quality of life through more intelligently designed technology.

A growing amount of technology is being developed to support older people but take-up is low. There is a pressing need to understand why and find out how to change this. COBALT has gathered data from oldr people, health and social care professionals and commisisoners.

COBALT is working collaboratively with older people, health and social care profesisonals as experts who are using and supporting technology to identify what they perceive as problems in engagement and adoption.

Working in partnership we will create COBALT Pioneer Groups of older adults to develop materials to bridge the gaps between end users and the Assistive Living Technology (ALT) industry.  Pioneer Group comments are posted after each session.

Brian is blogging his experiences as a person with dementia learning how to use technology like the iPhone.