COBALT at Cambridge 11th July 2013

Trinity Hall, Cambridge was the setting for our assisted living technology event for the East of England.
Prof Arlene Astell and the COBALT team offered insights about the adoption of technology to over 40 industry, academics, housing, health and social care professionals and older people.

The day started with a visit to the exhibition of the best of inclusive Design from Norway and UK. We were privileged that Oystein Johnsen and Maja Arnestad came over from Norway for the event.

Delegates – such as Martin Sabry from Aideas the inclusive design consultancy (seated) were welcomed to the college by John Clarkson. John is not only Vice-Master of the college but also Director of the Engineering Design Centre which has an international reputation for inclusive design.

Several delegates from industry brought examples of technology for us to try outP1020508

With such a range of delegates the feedback was lively and well-informed.
Compared to previous events where many devices were criticised this event had more devices receiving recognition for trying to apply inclusive design principles.

Delegates were not solely concerned with the problems of older people but could see many devices could help younger people.

Claire Bruin, Service Director, Adult Social Care Cambridgeshire C.C. gave an inspirational chat about the way Cambridgeshire used assisted living technology extensively

In the afternoon Anna Mieczakowski presented the findings of the recent booklet on inclusive design Ageing, Adaption and Accessibility that she and John Clarkson had published.P1020556

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