Brian’s blog – Sunday 11th May 2013

Hello all. Here I am again after another extended break. Dr Maggie still visits me and on her latest visit the task was for me to relearn how to use a memory stick. Some years ago, before I was diagnosed with Dementia, I would use a memory stick probably every day and it was invaluable to me in my employment. Alas all those memories have completely gone and it only with the patience of Dr Maggie that I have managed to get back to the stage I am at now. Originally when I first met Dr Maggie she had to go back to the very beginning with me and start with very easy to understand tasks on my computer. She did not mind that it usually took very repetitive instructions over a period of weeks and months before I finally got it.
Anyone who has read my previous Blogs will know how difficult things were for me after I was diagnosed. That was three years ago and I am still in the early stage of my Dementia. I spoke with my Consultant last week and he was delighted to hear how successful Dr Maggie has been in such a short time. To be honest, he looked astonished when I demonstrated the use of my I.Phone.

Before I was asked to take part in COBALT I had very little interest in re-learning or in fact learning something new. I thought those days had passed me by. It also took me into a completely new place. I was transferring my new technology skills into writing presentations and going on to actually deliver them to some well attended Conferences.

This was down to Dr Maggie and the confidence she had in me.

I am always delighted to discuss COBALT with anyone who will listen. I am equally delighted when I am asked to make public presentations but only with the knowledge that usually Dr Maggie is close by.

All this learning and re-learning has brought about the opportunity for me to be extended the honour of attending the Alzheimer Europe Conference and delivering a Presentation to this influential body. I will be representing The Scottish Dementia Working Group on this occasion and will be given the opportunity to further their aims. By a stroke of good luck the Conference is to be held in Malta, so I am also getting the added bonus of having some time in the sun.

I am giving a presentation next week. The theme is “A Dementia Friendly Community”

I think it goes without saying but I will anyway. Thank you Dr Maggie Ellis.


3 responses to “Brian’s blog – Sunday 11th May 2013”

  1. Dawn says :

    Good luck Brian and Maggie

  2. juliamurray2013 says :

    Dear Brian, Can I just thank you very much for saying you’ll come to Viewpoint’s dementia road show in Edinburgh next month health permitting. We are all very excited and will give you a warm welcome when you come. Hope you like cake 🙂

  3. hellojon says :


    You attended the Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Diary workshop that I ran in Glasgow in June and I just wanted to thank you and let you know that your input on that day was invaluable.

    We always ask for feedback at these events and at least two people so far have cited your attendance and input as an inspiration in taking the Dementia Video Diaries out into their communities and giving them a go.

    Any evidence of technologies having a valuable impact on lives and in care is encouraging and I’m so grateful that you took the time to join us.

    I’ll follow your progress with interest! 🙂

    You can read more about Dementia Diary here:

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