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Brian’s blog – Tuesday 2nd April

Hello again. I have not been posting any blogs recently for two reasons. Firstly I really needed a long break. Also, my service provider completely changed my mail settings and this confused me quite a lot. When Doctor Maggie came to see me last week she very carefully demonstrated to me how to operate the new system. Obviously I am very reliant on Doctor Maggie’s assistance when something like this happens. I think I have said before that occasionally I will have these “temporary blips” but when they happen now I know help is at hand.

I had also become aware recently that I was getting into some difficulty using my i.Phone.

My Internet was dead slow to stop. I searched out all the previous written instructions that Dr. Maggie had given to me and soon found the answer. My BT Home Hub connection had become loose at my desk top computer. I followed the instructions and was soon back on-line. This confirmed that all those times Dr. Maggie told me to record everything was proving to be very good advice.

I am still a compulsive button pusher when it comes to all kinds of technology, but on most occasions I can get myself out of trouble. I must admit it becomes a bit awkward when I am feeding information into the Sat-Nav. My wife S tends to ignore my suggested routes and usually she drives to our intended destination without my help.

This week I am being re-trained in our kitchen. S has been concentrating on my use of our Micro-Wave Cooker. Something I used to find incredibly simple before my diagnosis has become a major risk in our household. I thought it was well within my grasp to use it without any problems but that proved to be incorrect.  S has become used to leaving A4 notes with a definite instruction saying “DO NOT USE”. With a lot of patience, S is doing a great job and I am slowly getting the idea of safety in the kitchen.

S recently requested the Fire Service to come and assess our home. This was done and we are both more comfortable with the situation. They have given us a very personalised written assessment which will link up to my Community Alarm and Smoke and Exit Alarm.

I am now very comfortable with the technology that has been put into place in our house  for our continued safety.

I feel very proud and honoured that Dr. Maggie has invited me to give a Presentation at The Dissemination Conference of the COBALT Project in three months. That is the easy part. The more difficult thing is. How can I possibly say thank you to Dr. Maggie for her help and incredible patience during the last six months. It is my intention to continue writing the Blogs in the future and thank you for taking the time to read them.