Brian’s blog – Tuesday 2nd January 2013

Hello. It seems such a long time since I last posted a blog. Probably most of us are very busy at this time of the year.

I am delighted to tell you that there has been no further progress with my Dementia. Every thing is fine and I am physically well.

I have been working on a Presentation which I have to deliver in three weeks time. This will be my biggest piece of work in terms of content and length since I was diagnosed with Dementia.

Dr. Maggie has been teaching me how to use Power Point and I will be using it for the presentation. Together we have covered a wide range of possibilities to use and we have agreed on the items which will be appropriate on the day. I particularly like the idea of using bullet points just to keep me on track during the delivery.

My i.Phone has been a great advantage to me as I have a good deal of information in my personal journal which I can use during my presentation.

At Christmas I was delighted when my wife S gave me a Kindle. I could not wait to start using it but mindful of what Dr. Maggie has taught me, I have taken time to get to know it and read the instructions. Add to that my five years old Grandson E always looking over my shoulder and keeping me right.

I have spent many hours reading through the list of books available for purchase, and it certainly beats going into town to visit the library. Before my diagnosis I was a bit of a bookworm and suddenly I was missing something that I had really enjoyed.

Things in my everyday living were lost and I could not find a way through it. Then along came Dr. Maggie who re-introduced me to modern technology, and taught me other technology which I had not even heard of.

I understand that I will not be the quickest of students but when I learn something new I am still able to retain it in the memory I thought I had lost.

Thank you for following or just taking time to read this blog.



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