Brian’s blog – Monday 4th February 2013

Hello again. It has been some time since I posted a blog. Despite that I am still very much interested in COBALT and Dr. Maggie is a regular visitor.

My Vascular Dementia appears to be on hold at the moment but my Dementia with Lewy Bodies has been erratic to say the least. I have spoken to my GP and to Dr.Maggie about this.

I am currently ticking all the boxes for my Dementia with Lewy Bodies. It has been explained to me the unpredictable nature of this Dementia and this is the bit I have problems fully understanding.

My wife S is probably the one who is most aware of this as she is with me 24/ 7. S. tells me of how erratic my condition is. I have been having falls, hallucinating badly, my mobility is affected during these sometimes very short incidents. Sometimes they can last for a full day and night and on some occasions for less than one hour. My memory of these occurrences is fragmented. Thankfully I have more good days than bad.

Two weeks ago I was accompanied by my wife S and Dr Maggie to Bath to take part in a Conference/Workshop over a very busy eight hours. I shared a Presentation with Dr.Maggie and thankfully it went really well. As I have said before, I have become very interested in using Power Point as an aid for presentations. With Dr. Maggie sitting right beside me my confidence and belief in my ability was high. During my delivery I talked about the changes in my life as a result of re-learning old skills and the fact I am proof positive that new skills can be learned, especially with new technology. During the Conference I was approached with invitations to speak at other Conferences. Dr.Maggie and my wife S are very protective of me in these situations. We decided as there are other things happening in my life we should be careful to go with quality rather than quantity.

I am pleased and feel very honoured to tell you that I have been invited to be a judge at the Scottish Care Accolades in the coming months. Really, I only have to think back six months and recall that I could barely use a Television Remote Control. The changes in me are incredible.

I have also been invited by Dr. Maggie to the Dissemination of the COBALT PROJECT.

These days I am been made to feel so included that my self-worth has increased greatly.

I will be keeping you informed of how things are going for me and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this Blog.


One response to “Brian’s blog – Monday 4th February 2013”

  1. Nadia says :

    Great work Brian, was good to catch up today.

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