Brian’s blog – Thursday 13th December

Hello again. Forgive me for the lack of Blogs in recent weeks. I have had a number of bad patches with my Dementia. I have also been very busy helping my wife S in the run up to Christmas. Take this morning for example. The both of us were doing some shopping in our local supermarket. S was searching the aisles for what we required. She would place an article in the trolley (which I was pushing. As usual) and then moved on for her next selection. Meanwhile, I was quite happily placing anything and everything into the trolley also. When S turned to make sure that I was okay, she looked at the trolley-looked at me-shrugged her shoulders and started to laugh and began to replace the unwanted items. Since the day of my diagnosis, this is how she coped with it. Never questioning, never angry and never lying down to my Dementia. She deals with it face on. She has led by example and this is why I can be so positive about my Dementia.

Just recently my immediate short term memory has been poor and this is why my i.Phone has become very important. As I wrote some time ago, Dr. Maggie encouraged me to keep a daily journal on my i.Phone. She very kindly downloaded a very “clever” journal on to my phone. As well as being “clever” it is remarkably easy to use. I make use of the alert mode to help me with my medication times and to remind me of meetings and appointments. I am also able to refresh my memory about what has happened recently at the touch of a button.

I am now using modern technology in my everyday living. I can safely operate the Micro-wave, the digital TV remote control and the door exit alarm system. Things which I found so simple in the past are now a great mystery to me. That is until I met Dr. Maggie and I started the re-learning process. Friends, relatives and even some carers have said that they were sure that a diagnosis of dementia would leave me without these skills forever. Some of them have been shocked to see me use me use an i.Phone. Especially, when I know when they cannot use one.

My work with the Scottish Dementia Working Group requires me to travel out of Dundee fairly often. My phone carries all my files and information so I can travel lightly. It is also a great comfort to me as I can keep in touch with everyone I need to. Dr. Maggie taught me very early. Always keep more than one copy as a safeguard. In the past I have lost very important information and contact numbers with the touch of a button. I will end this blog now but I am sure I will be back soon to keep you up to date with my progress in the world of using modern technology while dealing with Dementia.


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