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Hi all,

I can’t believe it’s been nearly two weeks since our final Pioneer Group and that it’s nearly Christmas! As we’ll be off over Christmas I thought I’d write my final blog of 2012 to let you know what we’ve been doing since the groups finished. For the past week I’ve been revisiting the video footage we took of the Sheffield group and categorising everything that we got from the sessions into outputs (i.e. written materials, ideas for dissemination) and research lessons (i.e. a good facilitator is key, which activities worked well and which could be amended next time) and am gathering all of this information so as a team we can see what we have learnt from the groups in terms of process and the messages we have learnt from older adults engaging with an item of technology. It has been illuminating to see the sessions as when we were in them they were very fast paced and so could not reflect at the time. The next step is to look at the messages we have for industry, older adults and other stakeholders and how best to get these out there. So lots to do in the New Year!


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