Pioneer groups – Liz’s blog Monday 10th December

Dear Maggie, Sorry about taking so long to send you my thoughts but I was up to Newmachar last week and it always takes me a day or two to get back to normal. While I remember, I do think a triangle might be a nice addition to the jingle. You can see you are still in my thoughts. Ihave to admit I took a while to get the hang of what we were doing and it was just as well I often had Norman as my partner so that he could keep me right especially in the business plan not to mention the strategies. That was when I realised he had a completely different kind of mind from mine. I really enjoyed your way of dealing with your unruly class. It was great when your smile brought a chink of light in the clouds when I was having a particularly dense moment. I also loved Lin’s skill at lateral thinking with her wee comments that just got us going in a slightly different direction. I am still amazed that I was part of a group which really did plan and visualise a system for which at least Geoffry and I could see immediate use. I realise I must have been pretty enthusiastic about our lighting system at home too when my husband said (out of the blue) “You could do with your lights here”, when the bulb blew in our bedroom one night. Rereading the Project notes on the cover of my folder I guess I’ll better accept that it was just a fictional company right enough even though we were almost set on going the whole way and couldn’t quite believe it wasn’t going to happen – unless Geoffrey goes it alone!!!! I look forward to our next meeting –  with the Sheffield group or whatever. Thanks so much for letting me be part of something so far removed from my normal life. I really loved it. Thank you too for the money – we did feel we should have been paying you for making it all such fun. Have a great Christmas. Love and best wishes, Liz

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  1. Carylon Massing says :

    I am constantly invstigating online for posts that can help me. Thx!

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