Pioneer groups – Norman’s blog Wednesday 5th December

First a big thank you for a most enjoyable experience.

I have been thinking about our response to the new technologies and I wonder if we got that right. Technology moves in cycles and it does take, depending on the new technology, anywhere between 10 to 25 years for the innovation to roll to the whole population. As an example, the Arpanet,which became the Internet,was operational in about 1974 in a pilot site in the UK but it required
–  the development of agreed international communication standards( the ISO 7-layer model and the incorporation ofTCP/IP in that model, and
– the progressive upgrading,in the UK, of the BT Network from copper wires to fibre optics to go fast enough to become a usable network and these processes took some 25 years.

Then along comes the WWW and it can piggyback on the work already done to be,and in only about 10 year has become accepted, and then we get smartphones and tablets( over 1billion in use today, then add in Facebook, founded in 2004 but already with more than 1billion users, and you can see that an appropriate infrastructure for rapid development is in place now. Finally, tomorrows pensioners , say those in work but aged 55 or more, will be using these facilities on a daily basis so will be IT literate when they retire. They, unlike today’s  70 year olds will want to use the technology

More to follow  but must break now.

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