Researcher’s Blog, Sheffield Session 10

Today was our final Pioneer Group session. The group discussed ideas for dissemination events and came up with lots of creative ideas such as a pop up shop and interviewing people at a trade show (as an exercise only) for the role of technology champion. They thought long and hard about who they want to influence and the best arenas to do this in. Their favourite idea was one of a roadshow which can travel around the country so that the group can go to the people they want to influence rather than waiting for them to attend events or come to them. We went back to week one and asked the group to think of the skills they described themselves as having and asked them to put these in context for a possible role in the dissemination events. The group were as always very enthusiastic in wanting to take part in future and they decided as a group that events must be fun and engaging. We even had one participant who said she would dress up as a tablet computer and act out this role to engage passers by. One of our participants is well connected in the community and is willing to give us speak to those she knows at the council to get us a pop up shop in the centre of the city. So lots of ideas and things to take forward for the final phase of the project. We also recieved great feedback from the group about the research process which was wonderful for us.


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