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Pioneer Group, Sheffield, Cliff’s Blog – Session 7

This was the 7th session today on the NANA project, todays presentation was by Sarah Wren who gave a talk on developing strategies for creating partnerships to spread the word about NANA.

After Sarah had given her brief talk we were ask to think about which business groups would benefit from coming on board to help spread the NANA word, also the charities, and other organizations i e: health, councils, etc that may have an interest in this project.
We were then asked to think about what, if anything they could bring to the table in terms of the marketing of NANA, also the benefits they would get from being part of this NANA project.

Brian’s blog – Monday 5th November

I have not posted recently as a result of me becoming unwell in October. Anyone who has read my blogs may remember this happened to me only a few weeks ago. It is very frustrating and a bit worrying that these two episodes have occurred within a few weeks. I can pinpoint when these episodes happened by checking back on my personal daily journal or on my I.Phone. My wife S is also very aware when I am not so well. Thankfully I have been well for a few days and feel quite strong mentally.

Last Friday 2nd November I was able to do a presentation at the Annual General Meeting of Alzheimer Scotland. I spoke to the Manager of my Alzheimer Resource Centre on the day of the conference, to get a full understanding of the presentation and what aids would be available. She gave me the opportunity to use Power Point or large overheads to use during my presentation. Unfortunately I have never used Power Point before. My method in the past has always been to know exactly what I wanted to say and then working without aids of any sort I would deliver my presentation. Luck was with me and I managed to do this without any problem.

On reflection, I think in the future that things like power point may have their advantages, especially, when I am talking at length, about facts and figures. I am seeing Maggie this week and I will ask her opinion on this subject. I have said on my blog before, I do believe that my Dementia does not necessarily stand in the way of me learning something new. Even old information which has been lost, can be re-learned.

Brian’s blog – Sunday 28th October

I have been asked to share a presentation at the Alzheimer Scotland A.G.M. next week. I stored some work in the phone’s Notes feature. I decided to read it over this afternoon. I could hardly believe my eyes when I found a completely empty folder. I showed S my wife and luckily she recalled Maggie talking about this work. Maggie had brought to my attention that all my work could be deleted with one touch of the wrong button. Gladly for me, Maggie had encouraged me to keep a record of the work on my computer. My wife remembered that I had done just that with Maggie’s assistance. I found a small AGM on the computer’s Desktop. One click of the mouse and my work was in front of me on the screen.

My daughter phoned this afternoon, she is going to drop bye tomorrow to restore my Facebook. Hopefully I will have some good news on tomorrows Blog.

Brian’s blog – Saturday 27th October

I switched on the phone this morning and apart from Facebook, which does not concern me too much, everything appears to be still where I left it yesterday.

My daughter J is away this weekend so I can’t seek her advice just now.

I have been looking at some of the other features on the phone and spent this afternoon using the Sat. Nav. and being amazed just how much information this feature actually has.

I am still doing this blog on the computer as I have forgotten how to send it as an attachment from my phone to Maggie’s phone.

I will just keep plodding along, doing the things that I can and being happy about the fact I have learned and retained a fair bit of knowledge in the past few weeks.

Brian’s blog – Friday 26th October

Things have been a bit slower today. My fingers are trying to press specific buttons but my brain is telling me different. I am afraid this is becoming a bit more frequent. But, by taking things very slowly on my phone or the computer I am getting where I want to be, gradually, and eventually.

My Facebook account has frozen completely, another problem is. Maggie took me through all the steps demonstrating me how to upload information onto my computer. I have no memory at all how to do this. Knowing Maggie, she has probably left written instructions but the problem is I have forgotten where I put them.

Such is life living with Dementia. I still see all these little problems as minor and hopefully I will again be able to retain new information as well as I have been doing since I became involved in Cobalt.

Brian’s blog – Thursday 25th October

I seem to have made a good recovery since last week-end. Things are nearly back to normal, “whatever that is”????    Until yesterday I was struggling with my phone, computer and anything concerning modern technology. Thankfully, Maggie came to visit me in the morning. My wife was very happy to welcome Maggie as my attempts to use the phone were

still causing me a great deal of frustration. Maggie took the phone back to basics. She then brought it completely up to date and was able to restore all my settings. Maggie then took things a stage further and searched for and found a very good Journal for me to use daily. After Maggie had gone I spent hours basically enjoying using the phone. I did some Family Research in the comfort of my sitting room, and following what Maggie had taught me in the morning, I was able to upload this onto the computer without leaving my comfy couch. A very good day all round.