Researcher’s Blog, Sheffield Session 9

This week’s session was ‘Coaching the User’ with a presentation by our guest speaker Nina Evan, an Occupational Therapist (OT) from Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME). Nina spoke about the OT role and its person-centred approach. She has been involved in technology projects such as the Night Light Tray which were relevant to the group and thinking of the needs of the person and providing them with the correct solution for them. After this the group undertook activities around who would be the best person to train users to use the product and created a strategy for how this should be done. They agreed that flexibility to the user was key and that a choice of one-to-one or group tutorials which were held at community venues and run by a local, patient, flexible person was the best way forward. They recognised the need to visit people in their own homes or in a care setting and the practicalities around this. The group also discussed initial ideas for dissemination of our findings and outputs such as flash mobs and healty eating barbeques. This will be built on in our final session next Tuesday.


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