Brian’s blog – Monday 26th November

I attended another conference last week, organised by Alzheimer Scotland. The conference was titled The Dementia Dialogue. The aims of the day were to collect evidence that could be put before the Scottish Government before they produce their Dementia Strategy for 2013. The audience was made up with people with a diagnosis of Dementia, their Carers and Professionals involved in The Care of people with Dementia.
There were many speakers and I found it very interesting to watch and listen to their methods of presentation. I was impressed most with those who used Power Point, and I have decided to use this method when I have to deliver presentations.
Also enjoyable was watching and listening to those who used short video clips to get their message across to the audience.
Maggie has already given my wife a short lesson to enable her to video me doing a short visual blog. Watching the finished product has served to boost my confidence yet again.
When I reflect on the last ten weeks I am amazed at how much I have learned and re-learned.
This is a result of my being asked to contribute a small offering for “COBALT”
During this period I have had little time to worry too much about my Dementia.
Off course, I still have my silly moments. An example of this would be, me taking hours to write up a piece of work, then managing to delete it all with one random push of a button.
Some of you who are reading this blog may have had the same experience. It certainly gives me some much needed typing practise.


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