Brian’s blog – Monday 19th November

I have just been looking through my files and realised I had not posted a blog recently. There are two reasons for this happening. My Dementia has been slowly progressing, (the LEWY BODY one). Nothing too serious but, noticeable to those close to me. My memory has proved to be problematic because of the nature of my Dementia. This can occur for long periods or daily and even hour by hour.
On the brighter side I have been elected on to the National Committee of The Scottish Dementia Working Group. This organisation is run by people who have Dementia. The committee represent others who have Dementia and their carers. The S.D.W.G. are funded by Alzheimer Scotland. The committee has a keen interest in the political departments who have any interest in Dementia Strategies. Being a newly elected member I will have to give a presentation to the rest of the existing Committee. Also, I will also be a representative of Alzheimer Scotland when giving talks, negotiating and presentations. I can see where the use of my I.PHONE will be beneficial. I will be able to research information I may need at short notice. Maggie has offered to teach me how to use Power Point.
So at this time I am well and looking forward to future challenges and have to say, the positives are easily outnumbering the negatives through this part of my Journey through Dementia.
It is my intention to keep posting my blogs. They have become part of my life.


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