Researcher’s Blog, Sheffield Session 8

This week’s session was ‘Technology Champions’ and our guest speaker was Jennifer Allinson, Sheffield Healthy Champion. We invited Jennifer along to discuss with participants what it means to champion a product or service. The activities we asked participants to undertake included thinking of why there should be a champion for the product (now possibly named ‘Life’), the attributes a champion for the product should have, how to access this person and how to promote the service. The group agreed that being a good listener, having ‘age to age’ skills and having life experience and knowledge of the product were vital for a Champion. They felt that there should be no barriers to who could champion the product. They also discussed practicalities that need to be addressed such as support for Champions and if they would be paid or unpaid. For me the most interesting activity was participants creating in pairs a job advertisement for the Champion which I have amalgated for the group to see next week and get their feedback on. Next week is the ‘Coaching the User’ session.


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