Brian’s blog – Wednesday 14th November

Once again I have been unwell so I have not been posting any blogs for more than one week. I have been unwell as a result of “too much” Internet research. I went very deeply into one of my Dementias and discovered that there was a life expectancy of seven years after the original diagnoses. I suppose to say I was shocked is an understatement. However I eventually shared this new information with S my wife. As always she showed me love and understanding and spoke to me at great length about this news. I also talked to my Dementia Advisor at Alzheimer Scotland and slowly I was back in the Loop. I realised that recently, some very positive things had happened to me. I was successfully relearning my pre- diagnosis ability to use the computer. Thanks to Maggie, I was also learning to use my new I.Phone. Other things have happened recently as a result of meeting Maggie such as delivering presentations and public speaking with a new found confidence.

Maggie came to see S and me to-day. She listened (as always) to what had happened to me since our last meeting. She encouraged me to continue to take things slowly but positively. She asked me how I felt about doing a video as part of the programme. Maggie demonstrated to S how to use the phone as a camera. She left us until the video was finished and when she played it back she said the quality was good enough to use with a little piece of editing. Maggie then showed S how to e-mail it to another phone. S was delighted that she too was now more confident using the phone. I think I may consider putting a security lock on the phone or better still give S a phone for Christmas.


I feel encouraged with so many good people around me to help in my hour of need. I include in this the people who actually read the blog. As long as I am doing the blog and know that others are interested, it gives me that extra strength and confidence. Thank you all.


One response to “Brian’s blog – Wednesday 14th November”

  1. Tim Adlam says :

    Thank you Brian – it’s inspiring looking in on your journey, with all your ups and downs. Please do keep going with the blog, I am learning much.

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