Brian’s blog – Monday 5th November

I have not posted recently as a result of me becoming unwell in October. Anyone who has read my blogs may remember this happened to me only a few weeks ago. It is very frustrating and a bit worrying that these two episodes have occurred within a few weeks. I can pinpoint when these episodes happened by checking back on my personal daily journal or on my I.Phone. My wife S is also very aware when I am not so well. Thankfully I have been well for a few days and feel quite strong mentally.

Last Friday 2nd November I was able to do a presentation at the Annual General Meeting of Alzheimer Scotland. I spoke to the Manager of my Alzheimer Resource Centre on the day of the conference, to get a full understanding of the presentation and what aids would be available. She gave me the opportunity to use Power Point or large overheads to use during my presentation. Unfortunately I have never used Power Point before. My method in the past has always been to know exactly what I wanted to say and then working without aids of any sort I would deliver my presentation. Luck was with me and I managed to do this without any problem.

On reflection, I think in the future that things like power point may have their advantages, especially, when I am talking at length, about facts and figures. I am seeing Maggie this week and I will ask her opinion on this subject. I have said on my blog before, I do believe that my Dementia does not necessarily stand in the way of me learning something new. Even old information which has been lost, can be re-learned.


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