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Pioneer Groups – Researcher’s Blog, Sheffield Session 3

Yesterday we had our third Pioneer Group session in Sheffield; our experts were Jim and Ben from Designit Design Consultancy in London. Jim gave a presentation about design before the group took him through the NANA system. The second half of the session was dedicated to negotiating which ideas the group most wanted in the re-design of the system. These included a possible application for the iPad and a wristband that collated data on exercise and food consumption. The group said that simplicity and benefits for the user were key to a good design. They certainly had lots of great ideas and it will be interesting to see what Jim and Ben come back with when they do our marketing session in week six.


Pioneer Groups – Ron’s Blog, Sheffield

This was a most interesting meeting because we had a presentation given by Jim Dawton, and Ben Pawle, from Designit.

The presentation concerned Design and Marketability of items in the Apple range of electronic devices. Jim centred on the future market of a growing population of older people. After being shown the Cobalt NANA software he commented on the accessibility and usefulness of the programme.

He challenged the group to suggest marketable ideas related to the NANA project. He collected our ideas, written up on Post It notes, and will study these and return with his comments.

Brian’s blog – Monday 15th October

Today. My wife and I decided to apply to take part in a new project. It is called “Dementia Dogs” and initially it will take place quite near to our home. I seem to meet the criteria to be able to have a dog so today I went on to my computer and managed to download the application forms. This is the first time that I have been able to download information since I first become involved in “Cobalt”. I seemed to manage this task quite well. Once again, I have reason to be quite pleased at the way I am now moving forward most days, in the use of my computer and iPhone.

Pioneer Groups – Liz’s blog Sunday 14th October

Hi Maggie, This could be for the blogging page!! I have to say I was very unsure when I agreed to be part of anything which had Technology as part of the title. But hey each week is more fun than the last and the interest that has been stirred by mixing with the others and with you and Lyn has been amazing. As for Tim, well what can you say? He was such an iinspiring person and his way of keeping us under control was effortless. Friday afternoon in Room 106 should be on offer as part of the National Health’s way of keeping us oldies going. All the best, Liz

Brian’s blog – Sunday 14th October

Out today to a family gathering. I could not wait to let them see the latest challenge which I had started to overcome. They were very impressed (especially my nieces and nephews and my grand-son). I was tired by the end of the day trying to explain “Cobalt” to them. So much has happened to me in the past few weeks. I sometimes find it unbelievable that I have been able to understand, sometimes complex instructions, and retain at least some of them.

I was just thinking to myself this evening. I have every reason to be positive about my Dementia and how every time I find a square peg, I can nearly always find a square hole to fit it into.

Brian’s blog – Saturday 13th October

The more I use my new phone seems to further increase my confidence. J come in today and suggested that we should try to download the Internet on to my phone. We had to go really slowly. Together we provided all my “user names” and “passwords”. I have to admit that it all went pretty much over my head. J has written it all down in the usual fashion. (step by step). At this stage I am quite content to have the Internet services on the phone. I think I will get Maggie to go over the technical bits again sometime. However, here I am all ready to use the Internet on the comfort of the couch.

Pioneer Groups – Alison’s blog Friday 12th October

Great fun and time passes so quickly. Tim is a star,though he started off rather hesitantly. Enjoyed his open,positive approach and knowledge of technology? On the discussion of the product I.e. the proposal of the other group, it seemed to me a nonof from the start. Just couldn’t,t see anyone buying such a device. The two engineers with me went trough the variables methodically  and one by one demolished their feasibility, thus coming to the same conclusion by a very different route. Then Tim countered their argument by telling how technology has moved on thus weakening their argument. I wouldn’t,t  be surprised if Tim chooses this option. next week will reveal all.

Pioneer Groups – Norman’s blog Friday 12th October

Great fun today,but there is a need to mix up the groups before
cliques form,and to  Ensure everyone participates.Suspect that lighting has been
identified before,but no matter, cause Tim was an excellent facilitator and a
really nice guy. Look forward to next week

Brian’s blog Friday 12th October

I was eager to switch on the phone this morning. I found two e-mails from Maggie. I do not know how to use that particular function, so I will leave it until I see Maggie again. However, I decided to attempt to find out how the contacts function worked. I soon got to grips with entering information and realised I was managing to work a bit faster. I put in at least fifty names and numbers and felt really pleased with myself. I knew there was still something I was not happy with and realised that I was not using punctuation marks and everything I was entering was lower case letters. I was soon able to put that right and now everything I have put into the phone, appears to be much tidier. Once again I was aware that I was taking in completely new information and managing to store it in my memory. The past few days have been very productive for me and I look forward to challenging my Dementia at every opportunity possible. I am not claiming any miracles. I do still have very dark days when I do not retain much information and I can become very confused sometimes. The fact I am writing this, is very encouraging for me.

Brian’s blog – Thursday 11th October

Switched on my i.Phone this morning and was delighted to see that the information I put in yesterday was still there. I felt a bit more confident about actually handling the phone. I was still following Maggie’s written instructions but I new it was becoming a bit easier. I worked at putting more information into the phone’s calendar. I worked on this for about two hours. Before I realised it, I had completed my list of appointments and plans etc. for the rest of this year. By the time I finished doing this I was no longer using the step by step written instructions. I will now be able to add on any new appointments when I need to. I decided to take a break from the phone, ready to start again to-morrow.