Pioneer groups – Liz’s blog Tuesday 23rd October

Definitely much more stressful afternoon even though when I got the idea of what we were trying to do, I was more relaxed. I only took part once at the hospital in trying to manage a survey. As a volunteer, I was asked to go round all the patients and ask them lots of quite difficult and even obscure questions which, as most of the patients were quite frail and not very alert,weren’t understood.. There were choices and abcd gradings and very few (if any) yes/no questions. With this in mind, I feel that any survey aimed at older people needs to be very simple to follow, not too long and if possible just straight yes/no answers. Most surveys I have taken part in for holidays, supermarkets etc are all grading from 1-10 and became very boring.Looking forward to seeing our questionaire that we would use!!!!
Looking forward to the next ghallenge as it is definitely a new idea for me to tackle.


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