Pioneer Group, Sheffield, Researcher’s Blog – Session 4

Yesterday’s session ‘Collecting Evidence’ required some last minute changes to the format to make sure we got the most out of the session but this is all part of the iterative nature of the project. We were feeling confident with the session plan and came up with the idea of participants listing their favourite ideas from the last session, thinking of the benefits for potential users such as care homes and healthy older adults and then undertaking some of the traditional research techniques that would provide an evidence base for the effectiveness of the product. The group as usual had varied ideas including an idea for the use of the product for tenants who need housing repairs and the use of the wristband to detect dehydration by using a skin sensor. The group spoke about how important nutritional information and feedback is for the user and how methods such as interviews, observation and questionnaires could be used in conjunction to provide evidence for the amended NANA’s effectiveness. Next week is something new for me, business models, and so will be interesting to see how what we have done so far links in to this and furthers the project.


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