Brian’s blog Friday 12th October

I was eager to switch on the phone this morning. I found two e-mails from Maggie. I do not know how to use that particular function, so I will leave it until I see Maggie again. However, I decided to attempt to find out how the contacts function worked. I soon got to grips with entering information and realised I was managing to work a bit faster. I put in at least fifty names and numbers and felt really pleased with myself. I knew there was still something I was not happy with and realised that I was not using punctuation marks and everything I was entering was lower case letters. I was soon able to put that right and now everything I have put into the phone, appears to be much tidier. Once again I was aware that I was taking in completely new information and managing to store it in my memory. The past few days have been very productive for me and I look forward to challenging my Dementia at every opportunity possible. I am not claiming any miracles. I do still have very dark days when I do not retain much information and I can become very confused sometimes. The fact I am writing this, is very encouraging for me.


One response to “Brian’s blog Friday 12th October”

  1. Tim Adlam says :

    Really interested in following your blog Brian – thanks for sharing your journey with technology and dementia.

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