Brian’s blog Wednesday 10th October

It is now 3 days since my last blog. No——–I have not been eaten alive by that new i Phone. Instead, I have taken a complete break from all things technical, even my T.V. remote control, which is usually at my end of the couch. My wife has been having a great time and I have been living on an entertainment diet of “Jerry Springer” “Jeremy Kyle”. What are they all about?????.

My luck changed this morning when Maggie came in for our 2 weekly meeting. Maggie thought it might be a good time to give me a lesson on the i Phone. We decided to concentrate on one of the phones functions. We agreed on Maggie showing me (very slowly), starting up a folder on a personal calendar where I can keep all appointments, meetings etc. I was captivated when seeing the things this little phone could perform. Maggie also gave me step by step written instructions. We discussed that, when I see Maggie again, we might consider making a video of her using the phone. When Maggie left today I decided that I would try to update my “new calendar”. I soon got used to deleting and trying again, and eventually I was being quite successful although relying on Maggie’s written instructions. Later on in the day I decided to experiment to see what else there was for me to attempt. I pressed something? And suddenly there was a list of friends and relatives birthdays. I let my wife see this and we both agreed that the only place the names could have come from was Facebook on my computer. At this stage I decided to switch the phone off and have another session tomorrow. Hopefully, I will soon be able to send these blogs from the comfort of my couch. Today, I feel I really achieved a big step forward as far as modern technology is concerned. I know that my Dementia will make me slower than most, but I now do not see that as a big problem. With Maggie’s help and my wife and daughter supporting me, I can be so much more positive in the coming weeks and months.


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