Pioneer Groups – Researcher’s Blog, Sheffield Session 2

Today’s Pioneer Group was the second and final second planning session. Dr. Liz Williams was our guest speaker; she gave a great presentation explaining more about the NANA (Novel Assessment in Nutrition and Ageing) system that participants will be redesigning (see picture). The second half of the session was dedicated to participants’ trying out the system and describing what they liked about it and the improvements  they think should be made.  Participants came up with lots of great ideas which they will discuss with a designer next week. The designer will use their ideas for the basis of a mock up which they will bring back another week.

I hear from Dr. Maggie Ellis that things are going just as well in St Andews where participants will be designing a new piece of technology. Participants from both groups have agreed to write a blog entry each. All very exciting stuff!

Sarah, Research Assistant, University of Sheffield


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