Introducing Brian

Hello. My name is Brian . I am 63 years of age and I was given a diagnosis of Mixed Lewy Body and Vascular Dementia when I was 60. This followed a number of assessments and a brain scan over a period of 1 year. I also have physical problems (Gastro Paresis and Barratt’s Oesophagus). I have had two major strokes and a number of T.I.A.’s

Up until the age of 60 I considered myself to be competent in the use of my home computer. I was able to write letters and reports and had completed a Scottish Vocational Qualification (Care). I made all my own templates and did the research on my computer. I also enjoyed making and printing all my personal greeting cards. I was able to use the Internet and researched my Family History using contacts throughout the world.  I enjoyed booking holidays and short breaks on the internet.

Unfortunately I completely lost these skills. For a time I was unable to stay in a room when the computer was switched on and would hallucinate quite badly if I was on my own at the computer. This situation has improved quite recently. I also had problems using my mobile phone and the remote control for the television. With a great amount of assistance from my wife Sharon and my daughter Jennifer, I  now have no fear of using any of the above equipment.  Writing this short piece of work has taken me almost 2 hours and I relied very much on the Spelling and Grammar facility on the computer. I still have problems using the appropriate words and phrases.


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